Understanding Different Kinds of Tea Blends

Understanding Different Kinds of Tea Blends

Over the centuries, people have developed different tea blends to suit different market preferences. Therefore, some tea blends are categorized based on drinkers’ nationalities while others are based on the varieties. Most popular American tea blends are influenced greatly by the British market. Some of the four common blends include:

English Breakfast

For the English, breakfast tea is the equivalent of an American’s morning cup of joe. They prefer their breakfast tea to be strong and robust to kick start their day. Their breakfast is usually blended with tea leaves that are rich in flavors and produce a coppery color.

Irish Breakfast

If you think that English breakfast tea is not strong enough, then you should try Irish breakfast tea. Irish people prefer their tea to be very strong and dark. Irish people take an average of 4 ½ cups of tea daily, making them one of the highest tea consumers in the world. However, unlike their English counterparts who prefer to drink their tea without milk, Irish people always add milk to their breakfast tea.

Earl Grey

If you are a tea blend enthusiastic, then you are more likely to be familiar with Earl Grey. Earl Grey is basically a blend of any variety of black tea and bergamot oil. This essential oil is derived from a citrus tree which is found in countries like Morocco, Algeria, Ivory Coast, and Tunisia.

Afternoon Tea Blend

As the name suggests, this is a lighter blend that is usually served with light snacks during the afternoon tea table. These blends can combine teas from India like Nilgiri and Assam or from Sri Lanka like the Sri Lankan Orange Pekoe grade teas.

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