3 Legendary Chinese Tea Blends

3 Legendary Chinese Tea Blends

China is a well-renowned tea producer in the world. With more than 16 tea-producing regions, China practically generates thousands of tea varieties and supplies up to 18% of global tea export. Here are some of the legendary varieties of the Chinese tea collection:

Yin Shen (Yin Zhen or Silver Needle)

Yin Shen tea is produced in the Fujian province. This tea is made from selected fresh tea buds only. Brewing this ancient white tea produces a pale yellow tea with a sweet and smooth texture. This variety produces various infusions which makes it expensive.


Longjing is a variety of green tea that is popularly known as “Dragon Well”. It comes from the Zhejiang part of China. If you want top-notch Longjing tea, you should go for the one that is made with young and withered shoots.


Keemun is one of the most popular Chinese tea varieties that are used in English breakfast blends. This is probably because it blends very well with milk. Keemun has a broad range of grade quality and it has a deep black appearance. The medium body quality of Keemun tea makes it a very popular choice as the flavor base of many well-known tea blends.

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