How to Make Your Tea Terrific

How to Make Your Tea Terrific

There are more than 159 million Americans who drink tea every day. In 2018, they drank more than 3.8 billion gallons of tea. This is not surprising since tea is the second most popular drink after water. Tea consumption is the combined consumption of sodas, coffee, and alcoholic drinks.

Continue reading to know some effective tips on how to enjoy your tea more.

Mixing Cinnamon

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Aside from making you feel cozy while drinking tea, adding cinnamon also has many health benefits. The spice element of cinnamon aids in keeping your heart healthy and losing weight.

Adding Mint Leaves

To rejuvenate during summer days, you can put several mint leaves in a cup of green tea. This is also great to make your tea parties more enjoyable. An interesting fact about mint tea is that it is a traditional drink in Morocco that symbolizes hospitality and friendship.

Mixing Cocoa

If you love tea and chocolate, you better try mixing tea and cocoa powder to level up your tea. This is a perfect drink to have in winter. The hint of chocolate makes the tea delectable and rich. You will understand the hype in this drink after you have tried it.

Using Sugar Alternatives

Do you want other ways to sweeten your tea aside from sugar? You can opt for honey to give your tea a smooth and soft taste. Another sweetener option you have for your daily cup of tea is stevia.

Using Maple Syrup

Experiencing a bad cup of tea is inevitable. Nevertheless, maple syrup can be a solution for that. It can change a bad cup of tea into a cup of goodness. Besides making your tea sweeter, it adds a hint of complexity to any cup of tea.

Using Lemongrass

Lemongrass, a native herb in South India, is a quick fix to any kind of tea because it is fresh. Combining lemongrass with your cup of tea can give you a more citrusy and flavorful tea experience. The tanginess will make you want to add it to your tea each day.


Not all teas are created the same, so every type of tea has different brewing times. When you make green tea, you can brew for a little less than 2 minutes. The brew time for herbal tea is 5 minutes. You can perfectly brew black tea for 2 minutes. Once you get the hang of the right brewing time, you can master brewing tea in general.

Another important element to brewing tea is the right temperature. Even though microwaves are convenient for heating food, it is a bad idea to use them to brew tea. That is because you cannot control the temperature. Your best choice is using kettles such as solar kettles.

Controlling Caffeine

Steeping time is also crucial when controlling the amount of caffeine in your tea. You can steep your tea for a shorter period if you prefer to have more caffeine in your tea. Nevertheless, you steep briefly, pour the brew, and steep it once again to remove as much as 80% of caffeine content.

Getting the Best Tools for Brewing Tea

Though it is better, you do not need a special or expensive kettle to create good tea. Some kettles have special features such as setting the temperature. Some move the tea bag or turn it on and off automatically. Other accessories you can consider are brewing baskets and mugs. These can have an impact on how you enjoy your tea.

Keeping Tea in an Airtight Container

Since tea absorbs much moisture, it is a bad idea not to store it in an airtight container. Doing so will lead to tea losing most of its flavor and odor. These factors are responsible for making your tea delicious. You cannot do anything about it even if you follow your tea recipe to the letter. It is best to keep your tea in a dry and dark container.

Using Creamer

A tea with thicker consistency can be possible by using a creamer. Rather than using milk, you can use cream to get a dense and silky texture. Making this switch will make your tea time more exciting. It is recommended to combine cream with malty black teas. You can also try experimenting with other teas.


Finally, you know some of the tips on how to make your tea even better. Each person’s tea experience is different because this depends on the quality of the tea used. Therefore, it is recommended to use quality tea bags and leaves to get a good taste of tea. Trying these tips is worth it because they will make you appreciate the taste and aroma of tea more.



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