Creating Your Own Holiday Tea Blend

Creating Your Own Holiday Tea Blend

The holiday is the perfect time to serve your guests a delightful tea blend. By creating your tea blend, you can dictate the flavor and aroma of the blend and give it a more personal touch. More importantly, you can avoid low-quality leaves and added artificial flavorings that are found in popular tea brands.

You can start creating your tea blend using medium-bodied teas as a flavor base. Great medium-bodied teas to consider are such as Chinese Keemun tea and Flowery Orange Pekoe tea. These medium-body teas will not be overwhelming and will blend well with other ingredients you add.

After choosing the base tea type, add dominant notes like cinnamons, cloves, or star anise to spice up your tea. Dried fruits and flowers can be a good addition too. Use your senses and imagination so you can make a unique and enjoyable tea blend that will give your guests an exceptional tea experience.

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