Understanding Four Essential Black Teas

Understanding Four Essential Black Teas

Black tea comes from oxidized and dried tea leaves. After plucking green tea leaves, they are left to wither for 12 to 24 hours after which they are oxidized for up to 4 hours. Black tea can be served as flavored, blended, or even as single-estate. Here are some of the essential black teas from different parts of the world:


Assam is produced in northeast India. It is popular as a breakfast tea and can be consumed with milk.


Darjeeling is another popular black tea that also comes from India. This black tea is famous for its muscatel grape flavor.

Golden Yunnan

Golden Yunnan will not only please your taste buds but your eyes as well. When steeped, it will display blooming golden buds that yield reddish-black tea.

Ceylon Orange Pekoe

Lastly, a member of the black tea family that is very popular among tea blenders, the Ceylon Orange Pekoe (COP) is another great black tea. It is characterized by its pointy leaves and uniform length.

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