How to Level Up Your Iced Tea

How to Level Up Your Iced Tea

Are your friends coming over during lunchtime? Well, maybe serving them iced tea is a great idea. However, rather than settling for store-bought tea bags, you should look for ways to level up your iced tea. Here is how:

Try New Tea Varieties

Store-bought tea bags are often made with lower quality tea. Therefore, the next time you make a pitcher of iced tea, try using full-leaf tea varieties from different regions. Full-leaf tea varieties will produce rich and robust flavor because they are carefully processed and handled.

Cold Brew Method

Cold brewing is an alternative to using hot water to steep your tea. Simply leave your tea in water overnight and drink it with ice the next day.

Throw in Some Fruits

You can also infuse some fruity flavors into your tea. Fruits will add delightful flavors and can act as a substitution for sugar.

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