Green Tea: The Origin of Tea

Green Tea: The Origin of Tea

Green tea is the oldest of the tea family. To make green tea, makers will either throw the freshly picked leaves into a wok to be stir-fried or a giant steamer. It is believed to have a high amount of antioxidants and mainly comes from China, Taiwan, and Japan. Below are some green tea varieties:


This tea is very popular among tea lovers in America and Africa. It is presented as small hand-rolled green tea balls.


This tea originally comes from Japan. But, as the global demand increases, Chinese tea makers are also producing it now. When steeped, it produces grassy golden-yellow liquor.

Chun Mee

Chun Mee originates from China and is harvested in early springs. It yields golden-yellow liquor similar to Sencha but with a more pungent taste.

Lung Ching

Lastly, the Lung Ching is a green tea variety from Zhejiang, China. High-quality Lung Ching tea is highly sought after because it is made only with fresh buds and new leaves.

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