3 Tea Recommendations for Every Time of the Day

3 Tea Recommendations for Every Time of the Day

More and more people are turning to tea as they seek to reduce their daily caffeine intake or improve their sleep at night. Tea is a very versatile drink that can be consumed in many ways, wherever and wherever you like. Check out below some of the 3 tea recommendations for every time of the day:


Assam tea is great for breakfast because it will wake you up with its full-bodied quality and it only takes a while to steep. Besides, this tea combines well with milk or works well on its own.

Afternoon at the office

To accompany you while doing your work, the gentle Lung Ching green tea is a good choice to keep your taste bud fresh. Or if you are in the process of moving from coffee, you can go for a stringer tea that has a similar flavor to your favorite cup of joe.


For your evening tea, it is recommended to choose herbal tea to calm you down without interrupting your bedtime routine. For this one, you can choose from either spiced tea, dried fruit tea, flower tea, etc.

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